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SCM World Leaders Forum 2015 | Chief Supply Chain Officer & Chief Procurement Officer Forum
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Now in its fifth year, the SCM World Leaders Forum is the annual retreat for the world’s supply chain, procurement and operations elite, bringing together the most influential C-level executives from the SCM World community and their recommended guests from across industry.

Attendance is strictly by invitation only and provides a unique opportunity for the most senior business leaders from global manufacturers and retailers to engage in open, honest and meaningful discussions, free from solicitation and away from day-to-day operations.


Condoleezza Rice

Dr Condoleezza Rice

66th United States Secretary of State

Department of State - USA

Sonia Syngal

Sonia Syngal

Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain & Product Operations



Peter Gibbons

Executive Vice President & Chief Supply Chain Officer



Gabriel Zalzman

Executive Vice President, Global Enterprise



Jim Miller

Vice President, Worldwide Operations



Peter Carlsson

Vice President, Supply Chain



Alex Blanco

Executive Vice President & Chief Supply Chain Officer



Ken Syme

Senior Vice President, Global Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Procurement



Larry Hartley

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain



Dr Hau Lee




Kevin O’Marah

Chief Content Officer



Matt Davis

Senior Vice President, Research




Technology transforms industry.  It also transforms life, and just as the first industrial revolution in 18th century England redrew the world map and the second sparked by Henry Ford in Detroit begat consumerism so too is the information technology revolution changing life today.

The 3rd industrial revolution is about the mingling of digital and physical in supply chains everywhere.  It applies to everything from drugs to aircraft and it holds the key to our prosperity. Digitization once meant little more than software and entertainment, and as such was a niche interest.  By 2015 however, digitization has penetrated nearly everything produced by the global supply chain.  Digital manufacturing, smart logistics networks, web connected appliances, vehicles and equipment, plus an increasingly dense and valuable stack of embedded intellectual property in both consumer and industrial products add up to a supply chain tuned for managing information as much as material.  The architecture is different, and the potential economic gains are vast.

Leaders able to separate the digital from the physical in their supply chain strategies will be able to gain huge time and cost advantages over those who can’t.  Controlling and monetizing “shipments” of information will require different strategies from those built to deliver cases to the retail shelf.  The entire notion of “delivery” needs to be redefined according to what is possible and what consumers want.  Winning supply chain strategists will be those who figure out how to harness this potential in their business.


The Leaders Forum hosts a series of keynote speeches, dialogue-driven debates, peer-to-peer benchmarking forums and private executive roundtables, providing participants with unprecedented networking opportunities and critical insights into what will be effecting the future design and execution of global supply chains.

Closed door: no press or media

Leaders Forum 2015 takes place in a media-free environment. This ensures that attendees have the opportunity to engage in frank, honest conversations with fellow industry peers that remain within the four walls of the forum, without any risk of solicitation or citation.

Keynote sessions and panel discussions

The forum will bring together an unrivalled panel of C-level leaders to detail practical insights into their strategic operations and, specifically, how they have affected change in order to deliver results. Attendees will be able to put forward questions in a dialogue-driven environment and get to the heart of all the key issues.

Executive huddles

The executive huddles form small, private roundtable discussions focusing on the critical topics associated with the forum, facilitating an open exchange of experience and strategy amongst fellow industry peers at the same level of seniority. As all dialogue remains strictly confidential, attendees can speak openly and freely without any risk of later citation.

Private executive meetings

Private face-to-face discussions with peers at the forum are crucial to building relationships and maximising value from two days out of the office. In order to enhance the process, all industry attendees have access to a private online portal running up to and during the event. The tool allows participants to search for other attendees by company, topic, industry or job function, profiling each individual based on key business criteria. Attendees are then able to arrange a meeting during the dedicated time in the agenda, thus taking real insights into what other executives are doing and adding tremendous value to the overall experience.

Informal networking

Attendees will have a host of informal and relaxed networking opportunities over the course of the forum. From the welcome reception to the gala dinner, Leaders Forum provides an excellent opportunity for participants to enjoy time out from the intense business discussions and reflect with peers on the key themes of the day.

No exhibition or tradeshow

There is no exhibition or tradeshow associated with the forum, meaning attendees can experience a unique environment free from solicitation by consultants or vendors. A strictly limited group of relevant sponsors will appear branded in association with aspects of the forum, ensuring the event remains an industry-led, strategic meeting.




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22701 Pelican Hill Road South (map)
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